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Century of Tradition

Welcome to Park Country Club,
 we are excited to have you as our Guests.

This information is provided so that you enjoy your visit to The Park Country Club. By reading this, it will ensure your comfort in a hospitable surrounding and circumvent any possible anxiety about common rules at Park Country Club. If you are coming to golf, dine, play tennis or swim– we hope you enjoy your time at our Club.

Golf Attire

Good taste in the selection of golf attire is expected at all times. Members are responsible to ensure their guests are appropriately attired. The following guidelines pertain to members, their families and guests. The dress code will be strictly enforced, please adhere to the code thereby avoiding any embarrassing situations. Golf shirts are required which may include mock turtlenecks. Bermuda length shorts are permissible. Adults are not permitted to wear T-shirts or tennis shorts on the course or practice area. Cargo shorts and compression spandex are not permitted.

Women are permitted to wear Bermuda length shorts. In addition, women are permitted to wear a sleeveless shirt with a collar or a collarless shirt with sleeves. Halter and tank tops are not appropriate attire on the golf course. All golf shorts, skorts or skirts must cover a minimum of half the thigh.

Children are not permitted to wear T-shirts. Bermuda shorts and golf shirts are appropriate attire for golf.

Hats are to be worn with the bill facing forward and shirts must be tucked in. Headbands are not permitted. Denim and swimming attire are forbidden.

Traditional metal spikes and athletic turf shoes are not permitted on the golf course. Alternative spikes are available in the locker room.

Clubhouse Attire

Park Country Club desires that its members and guests be comfortable yet respectful of the traditions regarding the Club’s Dress Code since its founding in 1903. Throughout the clubhouse, Country Club Casual is considered to be the basis for our overall dress policy. Please review the following:

No denim of any kind, except during the period of January 2nd through April 30th, where classy denim is acceptable. Classy denim pants are defined as being dark in color and should not be frayed, tattered, faded, ripped or bleached. For women, white denim is permitted year-round and should not be frayed, tattered, faded, ripped or bleached. No cargo shorts or cargo pants. T-shirts are not permitted. Mock-turtlenecks and turtlenecks are acceptable. No sweatshirts or jerseys. No outerwear inside the clubhouse. No hats inside the clubhouse or under the awning. Hats must be worn with the bill facing forward. Ladies may wear hats as appropriate under the awning or in the clubhouse. No gym shorts, bathing suits or short shorts. Shirts must be tucked in, with the exception of straight hemmed style dress shirts, designed to be untucked. Shirts with tails and golf shirts must be tucked in. Sneakers are not permitted in the Great Hall including: the Main Dining Room, Lounge and Anderson Room.


Park Country Club is located at:

4949 Sheridan Drive
Williamsville, NY 14221



Coat & Tie Dress Events are defined as requiring a coat and tie for gentlemen and appropriate attire for the ladies. Children under 12 are not required to wear a jacket but a tie is required.

These events are:

  • New Year’s Day Brunch
  • Easter Sunday
  • Mother’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • President’s Ball
  • Member’s Christmas Party (Black Tie Optional)

Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones is restricted.

  • They may be used anywhere on the premises for non-voice applications or texting.
  • When using voice or talking on these phones, please leave any dining area and use the utmost discretion. This includes usage on the golf course, pool facility, tennis facility, locker rooms and parking lots.
  • Using the picture taking function on your telephone is prohibited in the Men’s and Ladies Locker Rooms in the Club House and Pool House.
  • Laptops, iPads and other computers are not appropriate for use in dining rooms and dining terraces. These devices are only to be utilized in private rooms within the club.
  • Kids devices in the dining areas must be kept on silent and have head phones for music.

Smoking Policies

Cigarettes, Cigars, E-cigarettes or vapor cigarettes are defined as smoking examples. Smoking is not permitted on Club property within any indoor area, or the pool deck and its attendant. The designated smoking is the East Firepit to minimize the disturbance. The use of marijuana is strictly prohibited on PCC grounds. Special dispensation may be accorded for specific events in specific locations by the Club’s President or the Club’s General Manager. For all banquet events tables will be provided on the east lawn for smoking.